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Visualize and Map Your Company's Payroll Leaks, Operations Waste and Execution Drain to Achieve Business Objectives Years Earlier

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Workshop Overview

Name: 1-Day Hidden Profits Blueprint Workshop

Format: Live Online with Recordings Available

Live Workshop Dates:

December 6, 2023, 8am-3pm PT

January 10, 2024, 8am-3pm PT

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Investment: $9,995 $1628 for 1st License, 2-4 Licenses $1528 each, 5 Licenses $1350 each, 10 Licenses $1299 each

Upskill Your Leaders and Safeguard Your Company Profits

What You Will Visualize and Blueprint

Don't Let 20-50% of Revenue Slip Away to Waste

Section 1 - Reimagine Your Organization as a Living Flow of Value to Visualize Waste.

Section 2 - Visualize Strategic Drain for Maximum Efficiency

Section 3 - Visualize Structural Leaks for Sustainable Growth

Section 4 - Visualize Payroll Waste for Substantial Savings

Section 5 - Visualize Margin Drain to Protect Profitability

Section 6 - Visualize Operational Waste for Smoother Workflows

Section 7 - Visualize Performance Leaks for Peak Potential

Section 8 - Visualize Impact Loss for Results Years Earlier

Stop Revenue Leakage in Its Tracks. Take Action Now and Secure Your Profits!

You will receive:

1 License –– The Hidden Profits Blueprint Workshop

($9,995 Value)

​Workshop Tools & Materials

18-Month Content Access

RareBrain Institute's Money Back Guarantee

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EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: ‌Our programs are not for everyone. If you aren't willing to work, learn, and actually do what is taught in this training, please refrain from buying. We only want serious leaders who will get results from what we teach.

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