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Are You Ready To Stop Cash, Profit and Valuation Leaks? This powerful course will show you how.

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Course Overview

Course Name: Stop 10 Big Hairy Money Leaks In Your Business –– For More Cash, Profits And Value

Format: On-Demand

Course Launches: 01/20/2022

Course Investment: $9,100 $995

2 Versions Available:

Business Owner Edition: Created only for entrepreneur eyes and ears.

Company Manager Edition: This is an add-on version created to teach company managers about money leak frameworks in order to help you get faster results.

Course Modules Overview:

10 Modules: Learn fast over 10 weeks or slow over 18 months.

Week 1 - Clarity Leaks: Get to your destination faster by crystallizing your impact and end game.

Week 2 - Intellectual Property Leaks: Identify and learn to package your IP to boost worth.

Week 3 - Risk Management Leaks : Drive company value higher by mitigating key risks.

Week 4 - Valuation Leaks: Navigate key variables that harm your company valuation.

Week 5 - Value Creation Leaks: Make more money by using the right drivers and levers.

Week 6 - Profit Leaks :Boost profits by fixing inefficiencies and waste

Week 7 - Working Capital Leaks: Scale faster by optimizing your cash cycle.

Week 8 - Growth Leaks: Achieve higher value by linking your growth strategy to exit strategy.

Week 9 - Performance Leaks: Connect strategy, actions & accountabilities.

Week 10 - Company Optimization Leaks: Improve value by optimizing it for a future sale.

You will receive:

1 License –– Stop 10 Big Hairy Money Leaks Course

($9,100 Value)

​Course Tools & Materials

18-Month Course Access

RareBrain Institute NO-RISK Guarantee

Option to add group coaching for 3 months (twice monthly for 60 mins) with your course purchase for only $5000 $499

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EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: ‌Our programs are not for everyone. If you aren't willing to work, learn, and actually do what is taught in this course, please refrain from buying. We only want serious leaders who will get results from what we teach.

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